About Us

One Aesthetics Academy is the first academy for Medics and Non Medics a leading training provider within Norfolk and the UK.

Our bespoke Fast Pathway into Aesthetics gives the beginners – non medics the fundamental knowledge to be able to enrol onto Aesthetics Industry – Aesthetics Injectable Courses

With a registered Nurse, Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner and Beauty Assessor, One Aesthetics Academy is leading training in the Beauty and Aesthetics Industry. The tutors skills and their experience of 15 years combine to make the perfect learner experience and they pride their selves on their learning and development facilities that enable ambitious enthusiastic students to take their first steps in a successful career within the Aesthetics Industry.

One Aesthetics Academy will guide you through all the relevant Anatomy and Physiology, First Aid, CPR and Anaphylaxis training and our panel of advanced medical experts ensure that your medical knowledge, safety of yourself and your client is fundamental to your education.

Why One Aesthetics Academy?

We have a wide range of courses to help on your Aesthetics Pathway to Success from Foundation to Advanced and Master classes, advanced techniques and products on the market.

One Aesthetics Academy prides itself on setting their education standards and working in partnership with reputable The CPD Group Certificate Service and Insync Cosmetics Insurance to ensure all of their students are fully qualified, certified and insured.


CPD Group is made up from a wealth of expertise from academics, industry bodies, awarding organisations, employers and individual learners sharing their expertise within the world of CPD. All our courses have thoroughly been checked by CPD at One Aesthetics Academy, this means it meets industry standards and assure you are in safe hands.

One Aesthetics Academy welcomes you into the fabulous world of Aesthetics