Welcome to One Aesthetics Mesotherapy Training

Mesotherapy is a non surgical treatment used to very superficially inject professional skincare serums into the skin at an epidermal level. The micro- injections create tiny breaks in the skin, allowing the specialist serums to penetrate the skin and work directly at a cellular level. Students will learn to inject nourishing substances and hyaluronic acids into the skin to encourage cell repair in their client’s skin and help to aid loss of volume in the face.

Our training enables you to become qualified in half a day. Once completed you will receive a certificate on the day and be able to get your insurance immediately. We offer ongoing support to our clients after the training is completed, with our team of experts.

Pre-Requisites for Mesotherapy Training 

  • SPMU Artist – equivalent
  • Level 3 in Beauty Therapy/ IPL
  • Nurse, Dentist, Doctor, Pharmacist

If your qualification does not appear, please do enquire.